Children in Crisis

Humanitarian needs in Syria are currently at their highest, while funding continues to dwindle year after year.  The recent earthquakes of February 6th have only added to their complex layers of suffering, making them more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, the NGO adds. Many Syrian children have known nothing but war as the protracted conflict reaches its twelfth year today and they now risk once again being forgotten by the international community. World Vision has released a policy brief outlining the dire situation of children and their families in Syria today.

There is a mental health crisis, especially among children, in Northwest Syria, as a result of the earthquakes which first struck on 6 February 2023 (one month ago today) and the conflict which began 12 years ago this month. Mental health experts believe that the devastation of the earthquake, and the series of aftershocks and displacement resulting from it, will further worsen the mental health needs of children. 

The already stretched child protection system in Northwest Syria is now inundated with extremely high numbers of unaccompanied children, many of whom have lost one or both parents. UNICEF estimates that 2.5 million Syrian children have been impacted by the earthquake.