Child Sponsorship Stories

Success stories about child sponsorships

Trapped at home while her mother Desi went out to work each day because she has a disability, Heda was just nine when the first man came into the house and raped her. Desi is determined to protect Heda, who is now 14, and to do what she can to help make sure no other children ever live through the same horror. She has joined forces with the World Vision to share her story with leaders in their community, hoping to inspire them to build a stronger community that protects children and understands children’s rights.

Joined by fifteen adventurous souls seeking a purpose greater than themselves, our paths intertwined in a story of resilience, hope, and the power of human connection.

In 2006, Winfridah Hampeyo, then 12 years old, lived in a remote community in Zambia's Southern Province's Chikanta area. Her future seems grim because all her parents were peasant farmers. But it didn't last long because Jaimi and Todd Yee's family in Colorado, USA, sponsored her when she enrolled with World Vision. That was the start of a close friendship that grew over time, primarily through letters sent between the two parties via World Vision offices.