Africa - Provide Emergency Supplies for Tigray, Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, a region is facing a dire humanitarian crisis as ongoing conflict drives children and families from homes and deeper into despair. At least 2.6 million children and adults need life-saving aid, many of whom are displaced within the region and across regional borders due to escalation of violence. An estimated 62,255 more children and adults fled homes and livelihoods in search of shelter in Sudan. 

Families who were already struggling with decimated crops, food shortages, inflated food and fuel prices, and an overburdened healthcare system due to recurrent drought, desert locust, and the spread of COVID-19 are now thrown into greater need. According to UNICEF’s situation report from January 14, 2021, 4.5 million people need emergency food assistance, as many as 2.3 million of whom are children.  


Leges, a mother of six children, stand in a camp for people displaced by the conflict, where ongoing violence has deepened a humanitarian crisis. Leges says she hid her children in the forest for six days and traveled on foot for another six days before they settled in the camp.

"I just rushed to flee leaving behind my house and all my properties to save my children's and my life," Leges says. "I hope one day we would be back in our home... I came here expecting at least to get food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, I am getting little or no food."

World Vision is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of children made extremely vulnerable by the conflict and has been on the ground providing urgently needed life-saving essentials like food, water and shelter. Every minute counts for the children in Tigray. 

Your donation will help us to: 

  1. Distribute emergency shelter and non-food items like blankets, mosquito nets, jerry cans, washbasins, soap, etc to IDPs living in critical conditions in congested structures like schools, training centres and churches 
  2. Provide emergency food assistance like high energy biscuits and vegetable oil to affected or displaced people 

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World Vision Singapore