7 reasons why you should sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child is a personal, effective way to fight poverty. Your support will change one of the world’s poorest communities, with a complete plan to transform the area their children are born into, for your sponsored child and other children growing up alongside them. You’ll bring hope, as they flourish towards their full potential in life. 

Seven encouraging reasons why we believe it’s one of the best ways to transform a child’s life

1.  Sponsoring a child is a personal, effective way to fight poverty  

When you sponsor a child, you’re linked to one child, but you help many. You’ll see for yourself the difference you’re making in a child’s life. ​You can exchange letters and photos, and even visit your sponsored child, but we don’t just give sponsored children money each month. Instead, we pool donations with that of other sponsors for maximum impact. Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. We tackle its causes. ​You will transform the life of your sponsored child, as well as the lives of other children in the community - giving them clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education and a way to earn a living.  

2.  Transform one of the world’s poorest communities

Sponsoring a child with World Vision is unique because we look at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community. We then work with the community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children. ​We call this our community development approach. ​  

We work with a community for 10-15 years. When community members lead change, the change lasts. ​And we don’t want them to depend on us so we help them to help themselves – setting up groups like savings groups, ​mothers’ groups or children’s clubs – so that when we leave, the positive changes will last long into the future. Learn more about how child sponsorship works

As a sponsored child in Cambodia, Sreyrath (below) got an education, despite difficult circumstances. Now an adult, she appreciates the chance she was given and understands how important it is for all children to be educated. So, she teaches in the village school, helping the next generation to broaden their horizons and fulfil their potential: 

“Now I can do my job and create a good experience for children. I want them to be better educated so they can choose whether or not they will be farmers like their parents.” 

Why sponsor a child - you can create lasting change for Sreyrath who from Cambodia who was sponsored as a child

3.  Empower sponsored children to say how they feel and be part of changing their own world 

We listen to children and involve them in being part of the changes in their community. We also aim to give meaningful experiences for both children and sponsors. Through communications between sponsor and child, we invest time with children to help them to explore their imagination, use their senses, and think about their emotions. This empowers children to have a voice, build their communication skills and learn in a creative way. Sometimes children are expressing themselves for the very first time. 

"Before I never had the opportunity to tell my story to someone else - even my parents - about my challenges in life and even my future dreams as well. And when I tell the story to other friends, I feel relief. I am proud of what I told my friends and I hope that I will achieve my dream." - Ing Tay, Cambodia  

4.  See the difference you’re making through the eyes of a child and community

Sponsoring a child with World Vision offers you a unique personal insight into another country and culture. You'll receive letters from your sponsored child, written in their local language (and translated for you) as well as photos and videos from the community you're helping. 

You’ll be able to see changes for yourself on your My World Vision account - a special place on our website with videos, photos and news from your sponsored child and their community. You can easily send e-letters to them here too.

Sponsors can even travel to countries in Asia, Africa and even Middle East to meet their sponsored children (after the pandemic!). It's an amazing opportunity to visit a new country, to meet your sponsored child and their family, and to see first-hand the changes you're making possible in their community. 

Tuck Meng and Sping, World Vision child sponsors, travelled to Vietnam to see their sponsored child

It was overwhelming, and it was a great experience. All we knew from the Singapore side was that we were only sending financial aid. But there’s a lot more [to it], a lot of programs were built up. I was very impressed by the operations that went on.” 

Why sponsor a child - you can see the changes for yourself on your online My Sponsorship accout - children looking at the laptop

5.  Create a friendship – bring real hope and encouragement 

Sponsoring a child can be a special relationship. Through letters, small gifts, and prayers, those little signs of love mean so much. A child can gain hope, confidence, and resilience to tackle the challenges life throws up.  

“My sponsor granted me a chance to become a child, something I would have never experienced given the fact that my parents had abandoned us.” - Tebogo, 19, South Africa 

“I believe that my sponsor will be proud of me, that I am able to give my time and skills to children in my community. I wish to see them to become good and educated people.”  - Hnin, 20, Myanmar 

We all will bump up against life’s inevitable challenges. But many of us will have the love and support we need to meet them head-on. Other children, in other parts of the world, aren’t so fortunate. We truly believe that if a child hears words of encouragement, love and support, then just maybe, they’ll see life differently. They’ll still face challenges, but they’ll cope better with those that come their way. 

6.  Rediscover letter-writing and involve your family too 

Many of us have fond memories of taking time to write a letter to a friend or loved one, sharing news or highlights from our day or a special occasion. With child sponsorship, you can write letters and cards to your sponsored child - and they'll reply to you. 

The impact of a letter can be profound for a child, as Samirawit, 17, in Ethiopia shows: 

“The letters I received from my dearest sponsors and the love they shared with me is still alive in my heart.” 

Letter-writing is also a great way to involve your children or grandchildren. And they'll make a new friend, as well as learning about another country, culture and language. Writing to a child the same age, that they can relate to, will help them understand other children's lives around the world. You never know, you may find they appreciate what they have a bit more too. 

7.  Still not sure why you should sponsor? Hear directly from our sponsors

“My wife and I feel truly blessed that we are able to sponsor a child and it's thanks to World Vision and all the good that you do to make it all happen. It's such an uplifting and positive experience helping a child and community develop, that I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for this opportunity.” - David 

“Just want to say how happy I am that I decided to sponsor a child. It's a lovely feeling knowing that I'm helping make a difference.” - Charmaine

“It has been brilliant for us and our young girls in particular, as it has been a real eye-opener for them to learn how our sponsored girl may live compared to our girls’ own lives. They have taken such a wonderful interest in our sponsored child. Thank you very much for the way you have enabled us to help others and for the way it has also challenged and opened our eyes to the comforts and things that we take for granted.” - Alison


Hopefully, this has helped to answer questions you may have about why you should sponsor a child.  You can transform a child’s life.

But maybe becoming a child sponsor will also change yours?

Sponsor a child with World Vision for just $45 a month.  

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