War, political instability, and natural disasters like storms and COVID-19 upend lives.  
The world’s disasters are increasing, exacerbated by global crises.






A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit a wide area in south-eastern Türkiye and Northern Syria in the early hours of Monday (6 February 2023) morning, killing thousands of people and trapping many others. Amidst the freezing winter weather, thousands were left injured and homeless. Several medical facilities were also partially or completely damaged.

“While we were sleeping, the house started shaking; I immediately ran to my children; I did not know which one to carry; I could not reach the door, the distance was very far, and a minute of time was like years of helplessness and fear, and the fear continues with the aftershocks. Most of the people are on the streets in the snow and rain, with many destroyed buildings, many victims, and many still trapped under the rubble," said an earthquake survivor. 

To date, World Vision has already reached 603,334 people through its earthquake response. We will continue our post-disaster recovery work to reach over a million people, to support the recovery needs of the children and families impacted by the catastrophic earthquake. 





so children do not need to fear nature

Plant abaca trees and create eco-friendly livelihoods so families can fight climate change and disasters

so children like Ahmed do not need to go to bed hungry

Give food, therapeutic meals, clean water, and life-saving medical care amidst drought and famine as children fight for their lives

so parents like Salvador can better protect their children

Provide recovery loans for typhoon-affected families to build back better before yet another disaster takes more lives


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