World Vision supporting May's family with food assistance

May, who is 13 years old, is in 4th grade at school. She was adopted by her uncle, Myo, and her aunt, Myint because of her mother's poor health condition since she was young. There are 7 members in the family, including her mother and 3 grandchildren of her aunt and uncle, living in Kyaik Inn Village, Thanlyin Township in Myanmar.

“In the past, my husband and I used to work in agriculture to fill our both end meets, but now because of the political situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not have a farm to work on anymore. So, it is very difficult for us. I don't even know what to do with my life,” Myint shares.

In the past, May’s uncle and aunt worked as manual laborers. When World Vision started its implementation in 2009, the organization supported seeds and fertilizers among the other 12 houses in the village. May also has become World Vision-sponsored child. During the pandemic in 2020, the family was selected as the most vulnerable family and supported basic needs such as rice, eggs, beans, oil, and potatoes for six consecutive months.

“We could eat meat regularly in the past. Since there is no longer a regular income, we can barely eat meat once a month now. Due to the high price of rice, we can't eat enough rice. I have to find food so that I and my family will not starve,” Myint expresses.

“For the lunch box, my aunt packed egg salad, fried vegetables, vegetable salad, and bean salad mostly for me,” May shares.

Due to the 6-month continuous basic food support from World Vision in 2020, her family was His family was comfortable and stable without any worries. They even earned extra money and were able to connect electricity to her house. They were able to rebuild the house as well.

“Now, there is no job, and the house cannot be renovated. It is now very difficult to get a proper job or farming. I don't even know how to stand on my own,” Myint says.

The family is struggling to pay for their children's school expenses so that they could attend school every day. May’s aunt has to find money in advance for the school fees of 2 children to make sure that her children didn't leave school without a day. Since there is no land to cultivate, they could not plant for their regular income. Before they could estimate how much they would get in a day and they could save money. At present, she is just struggling to keep up with school though she does not have a job and is not in good health.

“I also have to take care of my May’s health as she is always in poor health. If necessary, I have to borrow money from my neighbors and relatives. Since we are struggling just to get both ends meet, it is hardly a chance for us to repay the debts,” Myint shares.


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