World Vision Singapore Launches Public Fundraising Appeal In Response To The Escalating Hunger Crisis in East Africa

  • More than 11 million people in East Africa are pushed to the edge of starvation. Of critical concern are 6.5 million vulnerable children suffering from malnutrition.
  • World Vision Singapore will deploy giving machines at Great World and Parkway Parade from 1 November for a period of two months to rally for public donations, committing to raise $287,000 to support these communities with life-saving aid.

26 October, 2022 – Countries in East Africa are struggling to survive an escalating hunger crisis due to a deadly mix of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change. More than 11 million people are pushed to the brink of starvation. Of critical concern are 6.5 million vulnerable children projected to suffer from acute malnutrition and are at risks of starving to death.

To safeguard these vulnerable communities from the devastating effects of hunger, World Vision Singapore has launched a public fundraising appeal and commits to raise $287,000. The funds raised will lend aid to children and families across five affected countries—Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Due to climate change, the people of East Africa have endured three major drought seasons and cycles of desert locust swarms in the past decade, causing cattle to die and crops to fail. Along with the impact of regional conflicts, ongoing civil unrest, restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continual conflict in Ukraine, food is scarce and energy prices are increasing rapidly, pushing millions of people into desperate situations. Rising food insecurity dramatically increases the risks of violence, exploitation and abuse of children. Social issues such as loss of income opportunities and lack of education access and rights of women and girls are also exacerbated, culminating in extensive suffering across the region.

Andrew Morley, World Vision International President and CEO said, “This is not just about the immediate pain of thirst and hunger; about mothers checking to make sure their malnourished children are still breathing during the night; or about girls and boys, who should be in school, trekking miles to collect water from snake-infested boreholes. The drought is tearing into every aspect of life here – ripping apart an already fragile security net for countless children and their families and is compounded by the socioeconomic and livelihood impacts of COVID-19.”

“It’s estimated that a person dies from hunger every four seconds right now. If the hunger crisis was dire before, the war in Ukraine has made it much worse – the number of people living in catastrophic conditions of starvation is four times higher today than just 15 months ago. The challenge is large but we can avert this crisis if we act now,” added Andrew Morley.

Vulnerable children suffer the most in crises. The international community must mobilise funding to prioritise the lives of millions of children and their families who could risk dying from starvation.

World Vision Singapore National Director, Lilian Chung said, “World Vision is already on the ground responding to the immediate needs of affected communities but the needs are outpacing the funding support. We can make a difference if governments, donors and humanitarian organisations act swiftly together to keep the children and their families alive. The funds raised through this public fundraising drive will go towards supporting these communities with improved access to food, clean water, health and nutrition services as well as longer term solutions such as livelihood skills training, provision of drought-resistant seeds, educational and child protection support.”

The different amounts of donations will be beneficial in providing these much-needed resources for the communities.

  • $10 can provide 2 people with 15 litres of water for one month
  • $20 can provide 3 school children with lunches for one month
  • $50 can provide a person with cereals, pulses, oil and salt for one month to ensure they meet the 2,100 kcal per day.
  • $100 can provide a sheep or goat to revive household asset base and provide immediate food (milk)
  • $250 can treat an acutely malnourished child

World Vision Singapore will deploy giving machines at two malls - Great World and Parkway Parade - from 1 November for a period of two months. Each giving machine will include items of food, clean water, health and nutrition services that the public can purchase with a donation of $10, $20, $50 or $100 to give towards the vulnerable communities in East Africa to battle the hunger crisis.

You can find the giving machines at the following locations in the months of November and December.

  1. Great World, Level 1 (outside Ginza Anzu) Great Rewards members will receive 300 Great Rewards points with every donation made at this giving machine. For the first 500 donations.
  2. Parkway Parade, Basement (outside iStudio)

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