Updated Media Advisory Regarding Mothership’s Report on Hong Kong Sponsor and Sponsored Child

2 Feb 2021, Singapore — On 1 February, Mothership Facebook carried a post on a sponsor in Hong Kong receiving the same photo in consecutive Child Annual Progress Reports and also another photo which does not look like the sponsored child in 2019.

After speaking to our Hong Kong office, we understand that it was due to a human error, and when alerted, the office immediately investigated, and the latest photo of the child, who is currently studying accountancy, has been sent and shared with the Hong Kong child sponsor. Our Hong Kong office has since reviewed and strengthened their existing processes to ensure more accurate and timely progress reports in the future. 

World Vision takes donor accountability very seriously and our transparency is evident in our financial and impact reports. To find out more about our commitment to accountability and how it impacts our work, you can view our Annual Reports and Financial Statements here:  https://www.worldvision.org.sg/en/about-us/financial-accountability  

Due to a large number of children supported in our different Area Programmes and child monitoring across a huge geographical region, there have been isolated instances where unfortunately technical or human error arises. However, we take all these cases seriously and to further enhance timely and accurate progress reports and updates, we have been upgrading and digitizing our systems in the field. Should you notice any irregularities in the letters or photos, please do not hesitate to inform us so that we can review with our field team immediately. We thank our sponsors for clarifying with us. 

2020 has also been an extremely difficult year for many of our communities battling with COVID-19, and some of the photo-taking activities were not able to take place in time for the Annual Progress Report. In our email update to sponsors in mid-December 2020, we alerted our donors that a small percentage of the sponsors may not have an updated photo for the 2020 Annual Progress Report. We seek your understanding.   

World Vision’s work through child sponsorship is focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. World Vision has a history of strong financial accountability and program performance. For over 70 years we have been helping the world’s most vulnerable in some 100 countries without compromising our beliefs nor our commitment to integrity as we work with partners and sponsors throughout the world.








世界宣明会的儿童赞助工作致力于改善最弱势儿童的生活。世界宣明会历来都有着强健的财务问责制与发展项目成果。70多年来,我们同世界各地的伙伴和助养者合作,帮助约100个国家中最弱势的群体。世界宣明会将一直谨守诚信,并坚守着我们的信念, 帮助贫困孩子成长,为他们的社区带来改善。 

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World Vision Singapore