An Unexpected Match: Discovering a Child like Me

Kenneth with the child like him

“It was really our resemblance and his adorable face. It really reminded me of myself, and what I was doing at the same age as him,” shared Kenneth Tan, a World Vision sponsor.

But Kenneth’s sponsorship beginning isn’t like any other.

Unlike traditional sponsorship or Chosen, neither sponsor nor child was involved in “picking” each other. Instead, the pair were matched and found each other because Van Minh, Kenneth’s sponsored child, is a child like him!


In 2021, to inject an element of fun into child sponsorship, World Vision Singapore launched a 3-month pilot campaign, “Child Like Me”, a platform for anyone to have the chance to discover their “mini-me” and equip them with a chance of life in all its fullness – a life that mirrors the opportunities, safety and stability that you experienced as a child.

“I felt that this would be a very unique way to choose a child to sponsor,” explains Kenneth.

Trapped in the shackles of poverty, about 356 million children live in poverty and, more often than not, are robbed of the childhood and the many firsts of life; having to sacrifice education, childhood curiosity and joy for labour, harsh realities of the world and fear.

Yet, among these millions, there might just be a child out there that looks like you – one with hopes to escape poverty and dreams for a brighter future, just as you had, and just as Kenneth came to discover.

“When using the tool, I really did not foresee that I was going to sponsor a child that day!” confessed Kenneth. “I did notice that there was indeed a resemblance between me and the child! We were less than 10 years in age apart, and we even shared the same birth month! My heartstrings were tugged...”

With a 74% similarity resemblance and the coincidence of sharing the same birth month, Kenneth knew he had to sponsor Van Minh.

“It also made me think about the many opportunities he might miss out if he was not offered a sponsorship, and I really felt that sponsoring him would allow him to live life to the fullest, just as I had,” shared Kenneth.

Through his gift of sponsorship, Kenneth hopes to share the world, as he knows it, with Van Minh.

“I hope my sponsorship allows my sponsored child to live life better, just as I had during my childhood,” explained Kenneth. “Childhood can only be lived once, and I hope that my sponsorship will allow my sponsored child to experience life’s firsts like play his favourite sport or get a new school bag.

“I hope my sponsored child would know that he is loved and that there is someone who really cares about him to sponsor him.”

With “Child Like Me”, you too can discover a child that looks like you and gift them with the chance to experience a childhood filled with hope for a brighter future – just as you had.

Like Kenneth, you can find a child like you simply by uploading and submitting a photo and a child like you, of both genders, will be generated!

World Vision Singapore has re-launched the Child Like Me campaign in June 2022. In addition to finding a child that resembles you, you can also connect with a child that shares the same interests such as arts, sports or even your favourite subjects when you were growing up. You can journey along with the child to encourage them to pursue their dreams just as you have done. Discover your “Child Like Me” today!

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World Vision Singapore