Typhoon Molave pushed us into further difficulties

Thirteen people in Phước Sơn District, Quảng Nam Province were either dead or missing due to Typhoon Molave, which made landfall in the Central Region of Vietnam on 28 October. More than 140 houses collapsed or were swept away and 270 hectares of crops were damaged.

The family of 62-year-old Đun’s in Phước Chánh commune is among the most severely affected. 

Đun is the breadwinner of a 6-person-family, with 4 children. The main income of the family was from farming and barely enough to maintain their daily life. 

Before the storm, his family was classified as a poor household in the commune, which means each member lived on less than one dollar per day. 

When Molave struck, the heavy rain turned the small stream next to his house into a rapidly flowing flood that swept away his austere house, all his property and his crop, leaving his family in an ever more difficult situation.

Đun’s house after Typhoon Molave struck his village

“After the storm landed on October 28, my house and my property were completely damaged by the flood. My family had to stay in the neighbor’s house, and we did not have enough food for all of us,” told Đun. 

Đun and his family's house after the destruction

World Vision’s emergency relief response reached affected households like Đun’s. The relief package included essential necessities such as rice, cooking oil, school supplies, warm clothes for the children and some building materials for families to reconstruct their houses.

“Receiving this support relieves our worries greatly. We appreciate it very much,” shared Đun. 

World Vision Vietnam’s emergency relief package was distributed to affected households, including Đun’s

“I am very happy to receive the gifts from World Vision. I got a new warm coat and school stationeries to continue my study at school,” said the nine-year-old Trân, Đun’s youngest daughter and a World Vision’s sponsored child.

In the coming months, more support will be provided from World Vision to the affected communities across Phước Sơn District. In Phước Chánh Commune where Đun and his family live, 100 most affected families including Đun’s will receive the much-needed food assistance and livelihood intervention to quickly gain back their normal life as before the storm.

The relief package in Phước Chánh Commune included essential necessities such as rice, cooking oil, school supplies, and warm clothes for the children. Those whose houses were damaged also received building materials to reconstruct their houses.

“We are constantly seeking more resources to better assist the affected households in rebuilding their lives. Integration with our long-term livelihoods program will be considered based on the family’s actual needs in order to bring about sustainable impact,” shared the Manager of World Vision’s Area Program in Phước Sơn District, Vietnam

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World Vision Singapore