Transcending Boundaries with Love

Watch Haishu’s inspiring journey as a sponsor:

“Why do kids in poorer countries need to suffer?”

With this thought etched in her mind, Haishu began her journey as a World Vision sponsor and has stayed on this path for about 12 years.

“By being a sponsor, I am giving them a chance to live a normal life,” explained Haishu. 

She strongly believed in allowing children to be children, instead of being burdened with the responsibilities of making a living or providing for the family - duties that are meant for adults. 

In 2018, Haishu joined World Vision’s trip to Mongolia to meet her sponsored child, Shinebayer. It was also through this face-to-face encounter that allowed Haishu to truly understand how much her small act of sponsorship enabled her sponsored child to excel in life - who is now studying in university. 

During the trip, Haishu was also informed about a child who has the same disability as she did. “I believe if he has access to the schools with special education, he will be able to go far.”

In an effort to provide equal opportunities, World Vision built an extension wing, allowing every disabled kindergartener in the area with a chance to learn and grow to be leaders in the future. By providing these opportunities for children, they have a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty and live a better life, just like Haishu's sponsored child, Shinebayer.

Apart from meeting the children and her sponsored child, Haishu also shared that despite witnessing the hardships that the community faced, what stuck with her the most was, "the smiles and the resilience of the people.”

Like Haishu, when you sponsor a child, you can make a huge difference in a vulnerable child's life. 

Written By: 
World Vision Singapore