One Shipment With A Difference

COVID-19 was a crisis like no other. As part of our global response to the pandemic, World Vision worked with our partners and supporters alongside families and communities to help limit the spread of the virus and reduce the secondary effects of the pandemic.

As the world moves towards an endemic state, people living in the rural communities still require protection against the virus especially in crowded places or indoor meeting rooms. In Cambodia, as not all rural community people have received all doses and booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, the use of facemasks still serves as an essential preventive measure. This is especially useful when access to comprehensive healthcare facilities are not prevalent in the community.

World Vision Singapore thus partnered with Scan Global Logistics, a global full-service logistics provider that has a wide global network to reach remote areas in the world, for a complimentary shipment of 500,000 reusable face masks from Singapore to vulnerable children and families in Cambodia in Jan 2023.

“We are grateful to Scan Global Logistics for providing the logistical support to ship 500,000 reusable face masks to vulnerable children and families in our programme in Cambodia. The facemasks delivered will serve to protect children and families, with limited access to healthcare facilities, from COVID-19 and other virus transmissions,” said Lilian Chung, World Vision Singapore National Director.

The masks were distributed to 87,549 beneficiaries in the area programmes, primary schools and health centres supported by World Vision Singapore in Cambodia.

“With Scan Global Logistics, where and when we have the opportunity, we are committed to positively impacting the local communities. Actions speak louder than words, and we are humbled to be asked to support World Vision on this project. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact across the world. We are grateful to be able to play a small role in delivering essential PPE equipment to the people in remote Cambodian villages who may not otherwise have been able to access it,” said Rickard Ingvarsson, Asia CEO of Scan Global Logistics.

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World Vision