Millions Hit By Unprecedented Floods in China

Due to El Nino, China has been plagued by prolonged rains and storms, resulting in severe floods since May 2016. Torrential rain across many parts of the mainland has further escalated the situation in the first week of July. Water levels in around 200 rivers have exceeded warning levels, hitting historical highs. A tornado has also hit Jiangsu province, which continued to suffer from rainstorms after.
As of 3 July, over 1,190 counties from 26 provinces have been affected. These include Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and Anhui. 164 people were killed and 26 have been reported missing.
Nearly 471,000 houses have collapsed or damaged. Some 2.65 million hectares of agricultural land have been inundated. Telecommunication systems and electricity have been cut, and significant infrastructure like water dams have also been damaged.
Significantly, more than 32.82 million people have been affected, with almost 2 million people being relocated.


Humanitarian Aid Needed Urgently
World Vision wants to distribute
  • Hygiene Kits,
  • Child-Friendly Kits,
  • Family Kits,
  • Quilts

In the coming weeks, World Vision plans to set up two Child-Friendly Spaces in tornado-affected areas.

However, help must not stop there. World Vision will look to conduct assessments in the hardest hit provinces, including Hunan, Hubei and Anhui in order to ensure that appropriate aid is extended in the coming days and weeks.


Mother of Two Rushed Her Children to Safety
Qingya,a mother of two, lost everything she owned to the floods. She remembered it was about 12 pm on June 30, when the floods rushed into her house. In their haste to escape, Qingya and her family left behind all their assets, which were later washed away by the raging waters.
Standing in front of her collapsed house, she said,“The flood was so heavy. I have never seen anything like it before. Things in our home got washed away all in a second. We lost our home, furniture, clothes and food. Now, we have to live in a temporary tent.”

Qingya is one of many mothers who had to place her children’s safety over everything else. Having lost everything to the relentless floods, they now depend on relief materials distributed to survivors.

Reach Out to Struggling Survivors Now
World Vision seeks your help to respond with more food and relief items, as well as child protection initiatives. With your support, children and their families will receive aid to tide them over this period, as well as restoration to normalcy and a sense of safety post-disaster.


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World Vision