Live Updates from the Borders & within Ukraine

We bring you the latest updates on the Ukraine refugee crisis that is unfolding. Mark Mitchell (Technical Director, Emergency Logistics and Prepositioning, World Vision) makes his way to Romania to manage the emergency logistics. He will be sharing with us his first-hand experiences on the ground over the next three months at the Ukraine-Romania border. Let's journey with him as he

  • connects us to the people from Ukraine seeking refuge, their stories, needs
  • sheds light on the reality the Ukrainians are forced to face
  • shares the work that happens on the ground with all your support

We'll also bring you stories of children and their families stuck within Ukraine and those who have fled to different parts of the border such as Romania & Moldova. 

17 April 2022 | Children sharing memories of Easter

"We buy kinder chocolates and hide them in the house and search for them with all the family." 
Xenia, 12-year-old

"We have a lot of people, we have food. It's very good spending time when you're helping your family to cook. When you eat, you understand that you did it with love with your family." 
Anton, 15-year-old


11 April 2022 | Emergency supplies arrived in Chernivtsi, Western Ukraine


25 March 2022 | Mark Mitchell visits a school that will accomodate refugees from Ukraine


22 March 2022 | "Let's finish all this," says 9-year-old Diana


18 March 2022 | "I just want the war to finish," says a Ukrainian mother


14 March 2022 | Child-Friendly Spaces arrive at Bucharest, Romania from Germany


12 March 2022 | Mark reflecting on the past few days of ground work from Bucharest, Romania

"I have now been here a week but it feels much longer.

There is a lot going on but it is very dynamic and very different from emergencies I have responded to in other parts of the world. I am trying to resolve logistical challenges as bringing in humanitarian goods from outside the country is more difficult as the government have not had to face this question before and there are many EU regulations. I continue to work on confirming how we will bring in pre-positioned supplies and determine what is most needed. We are also procuring supplies locally but even this is difficult at speed in the quantities we require.

Even so, we continue support across the border into Ukraine through the provision of food and bedding to Hospitals which now act as reception centres for people displaced from their own homes."


6 March 2022 | Mark reaches Bucharest, Romania

Working with a local hospital, World Vision distributed essentials across the border into Ukraine. Beddings and essentials were given to meet the needs of over 500 people. He has been coordinating with various other organisations (private companies, NGOs) to efficiently meet the various needs on the ground.  Based in Burcharest for the next few days, Mark will be working on expanding operations into not just Romania but also into Ukraine and Moldova, a neighbouring country that is also receiving refugees.

"That will be the focus of my work the next few days, to coordinate and make sure we are not doubling up and equally not leaving gaps. The needs are immense and we need your support wherever you are."


4 March 2022 | Transiting from Singapore to Romania 



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