A Goat Has Changed Samjhana's Life!

Goats Change Lives

As dalits in rural Nepal, Samjhana (above) and her family faced discrimination and limited opportunities in life as members from the lowest caste. They spent most of their lives in poverty trying to make a living by tilling other people's land. Her mother could not afford to provide her children with proper food or stationery for their school lessons. She thought it was her fate in life so she simply worked dawn to dusk in other people's fields, trying hard to earn enough to provide for her family.

A few years ago, Samjhana became a sponsored child and her family received a goat and animal husbandry training from World Vision! They carefully raised it and soon, it gave birth to healthy kids. They were able to sell some of the young goats to buy pigs, and later on a cow. Though livestock rearing, the family saved enough to buy a small piece of land, build a small mud house for themselves and buy a rickshaw so that her father can ferry people for income. Today, Samjhana is able to drink milk, eat healthy food, live in a house of their own and go to school regularly.

Her mother, Chameli, beams as she says, “Our lives have changed and now we have a future for our children thanks to the goat.”

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How Goats Keep Giving

  • Goat milk is full of calcium, protein and other essential nutrients for children's development
  • Goat manure is used as fertiliser, improving crop yield for food-insecure families
  • Kids (offspring of goats) and excess milk produced can be sold for income to meet basic needs


5 More Reasons Why Goats Make the Perfect Gift

  • Goats reproduce quickly
  • Goats are fast growers and can be sold after just six months
  • Goats fetch good prices at the market
  • Goats are adaptable and thrive in many environments
  • Goats don’t get sick often


Want to see our goats in action? Follow them to Burundi, and meet Chania's family in this video!



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