Former Sponsored Child: Empowered to Dream again

When the wait ends, what change does it bring? For a former sponsored child, Viet, the change in his life has rippled through his community.

“Four of us lived on a small plantation with two pigs and some chickens. My parents work from early morning to late night to provide us with food and education, but we struggled with their small income,” Viet started his story.

Born in a poor farming family in Hai Duong province, Viet’s childhood put him at a disadvantage compared to his peers.“Given my family condition, I never thought I could be accomplished or successful. When people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, a construction worker was always my answer.”

Then at age 7, Viet was selected for World Vision Vietnam’s Child Sponsorship programme. He got acquainted with his sponsor and with the guidance from World Vision staff, he gradually realised his potential and the world opened for him.

Viet continued, “My sponsor was my new friend who sent me letters and postcards during special occasion and my birthday. I realised what my life could be, and was encouraged to pursue my ambitions.”

“The programme made me joyful. I got to draw, sing, dance, and meet new friends. Over time, I realized it helped children and families like mine have better lives. I promised myself I would strive to become a helpful person, like the programme staff I got to know.”

Now a World Vision staff working to help other children, he shared confidently, “My dreams came true. I am proud and determined to share the valuable opportunity I once had as a vulnerable child in remote areas. I hope my efforts will contribute to the well-being of the underprivileged children in our country.”

Written By: 
World Vision