Empowering Children to Advocate Change

Nyan Win, 18, lives with his parents in one of the crowded urban areas in Myanmar. He has been a sponsored child since he was 8 years old.

Nyan Win’s parents are odd job workers who struggle to feed and support their three children. He was originally reluctant and shy and could not communicate well with others or make friends. But when World Vision introduced the child club in Nyan Win’s community, his life started to change.

In child club activities, children learn about child rights, child protection, and human trafficking and other knowledge such as emotion management and social skills.

“I was so nervous when I first introduced myself in front of others,” Nyan Win shared his first experience at the child group gathering.

Child Sponsorship brings turning point

By attending training and awareness sessions facilitated by World Vision for children and youth, Nyan Win developed his leadership skills and ability to relate and care for others.

Now, Nyan Win actively participates as a volunteer in World Vision-supported activities, such as anti–human trafficking and child protection awareness-raising sessions.

He also became an active member of the anti-trafficking youth group and could facilitate awareness sessions and life skills training.

“Now, I feel more confident,” says Nyan Win.

He is attending his second year of university, majoring in physics.

World Vision's support through Child Sponsorship has had a great impact on Nyan Win’s life as well as his family and other children in his community!

Written By: 
World Vision Singapore