Continuing the Sponsorship Journey from Thailand To Myanmar

Chun Hian with his sponsored child

Chun Hian first heard about World Vision’s sponsorship programme during his cell group meeting with his Pastor, whose wife was also a sponsor.

After looking into the programme’s specifics and its benefits to the children and their community, Chun Hian was keen to get involved and help, bringing him to the decision to sponsor a child in Bo Kluea, Thailand.

Beginning his sponsorship journey with four-year-old Nichanart, in September 2016, Chun Hian and his sponsored child started to build a friendship through writing letters, sending greeting cards and through the Annual Progress Reports – where he was able to witness Nichanart’s growth through yearly photos while keeping track of his sponsorship impact.

“Farmers have more water supply to their paddy fields and in turn, they have more crops and better income. World Vision Thailand also supplied items for students to use for science experiments,” elaborated Chun Hian.

Annual Progress Report that Chun Hian receive from World Vision Thailand, allowing him to appreciate how his sponsored child Nichanart has grown from 2017 to 2019

After 3 years of correspondence and reports, Chun Hian signed up for a child sponsorship trip to Bo Kluea, keen to witness the impact of his contribution and World Vision’s work with his own eyes. During the trip, Chun Hian and a group of fellow sponsors visited the primary and secondary schools supported by World Vision’s sponsorship programme. They also participated in games with the children, helped to build the roof of a chicken coop and planted vegetables – activities that allowed the trippers to experience a different way of life.

Yet, the most memorable moment was meeting Nichanart and her family.

Through their interactions he learnt that Nichanart received stationeries and a school bag while her family was provided with seeds which allowed them to grow coffee beans, serving as additional income on top of rice planting, as part of the sponsorship programme.

When it was time for the groups to bid goodbye, Nichanart gave Chun Hian a hearty hug, a silent gesture filled with gratitude to her sponsor for giving her a better chance at education and life.

“Through the trip, I have seen how World Vision Thailand has been able to help children like Nichanart and her family. I am thankful for the commitment of the staff of World Vision Thailand for helping and changing the lives of the people,” shared Chun Hian.

World Vision’s work in Bo Kluea concluded in August 2021 – a bittersweet accomplishment for the team, sponsors and children. While this meant that Chun Hian can no longer sponsor or correspond with Nichanart, he is confident that she and her community greatly benefitted from the programme and his contribution. Children have been given a better chance at education, and the community has received tools and knowledge in improving livelihood for themselves in decades to come.

Chun Hian with the child profile of his new sponsored child

It is the end of a journey, but the beginning of another, as Chun Hian decided to continue his sponsorship with Ma Soe, a child from Taikkyi, Myanmar, in hopes that this community will also achieve the transformation that Bo Kluea did.

"My greatest takeaway was witnessing not just one child or one family, but an entire community or village changed for the better,” explained Chun Hian. “This couldn't be achieved by one individual but like-minded people who have the heart to help people and pool our resources to achieve that. I hope that more people will take up the sponsorship journey and make a difference to the life of a child and community.”

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World Vision Singapore