Chosen by Joy – When Generosity Shines

Although Shawn is still serving his National Service, he jumped on the chance to be part of Chosen when he heard about it from his former internship supervisor in World Vision.

“When I heard about Chosen, I immediately decided to be part of it. I felt that God was giving me an amazing opportunity to sponsor another child!”

Shawn is a former World Vision intern who has a big heart for vulnerable children. He is also thankful that he is earning more money from National Service now, compared to the time when he was still studying. Even then, he has sponsored a child from Nepal during his internship.

“I believe that I should contribute meaningfully to those in need, instead of spending money on what I want. I also feel that Chosen is very unique in a sense that it gives those children hope! The power to make a decision that can impact their lives.”

Shawn was chosen by a 5-year-old boy called Joy. Joy lives with his father who is a carpenter while his mother, unfortunately, has passed away. 

Although Joy’s favourite colour is green, he chose Shawn because he liked the colour of Shawn’s T-shirt in the photo. Coincidentally, both Shawn and Joy were dressed in a blue top on the day of the choosing party.

Shawn could not hide his excitement about getting to know who chose him, “Honestly, I was very eager to know who chose me as their sponsor. When I opened the mail, I felt both happy and grateful to my sponsored child. I can’t wait to visit him in future World Vision trips!”

On his hopes for the Joy, Shawn said, “I hope that through my sponsorship, I will be able to play a part in helping him grow up more comfortably, with proper education and a proper living environment so that when he grows up, he will be able to pay this forward to others in need.”

Shawn has this to say to those who are still considering child sponsorship: “Let’s make a difference in the lives of these children and show them the power of hope!”

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Written By: 
World Vision Singapore