Charmed in Ethiopia

Watch Doris’ heartfelt and life-changing encounter with her sponsored child: 

“When I saw her I almost cried. I was very moved,” shared Doris.

After 2 years of being a sponsor, Doris decided to go on a trip to her sponsored child’s community with the sole purpose of meeting her. Having shared a close relationship with her sponsored child – writing letters every 2 to 3 months and sending small gifts as well – this personal encounter was special to both of them.

Spending time with her sponsored child in her community enabled Doris to see the impact and extent of her sponsorship. While she knew that her sponsored child was could lead a better life, with stable education, healthcare and improved livelihood for her family, this trip allowed Doris to understand the bigger impact that her sponsorship made in the community and for the other residents. 

Apart from meeting her sponsored child, Doris also interacted with other community members. She learnt from several of them that through World Vision’s intervention, farmers were taught more useful farming techniques, which even enabled one of them to leave poverty behind, own a house, and start his savings. Additionally, with improved medical facilities, the number of deaths in the community reduced and more health concerns could be addressed efficiently. 

“I never expected that this small amount of money that we give would be able to help a country’s farming, water, medical and educational needs,” expressed Doris. 

Upon returning from this trip, Doris felt a more powerful urge to support these children further, leading her to make the tremendous act of bequeathing her house to World Vision. 

Sponsoring a child at $45/month can make a big impact on both the child's life and their community. Like Doris, you too can make a difference for the vulnerable. 


Written By: 
World Vision Singapore