Against all Odds

“I got a second chance at life,” expressed Nancy.

Growing up in a traditional Maasai village, Nancy was confronted with gender discrimination that cloaked the community. Females were tasked to walk as far as 10km, to collect water, tend to animals, marry early and were also discouraged from attending school.

“I used to be top in school...there would be complaints from the community that the teachers were adding all the boys’ marks to this girl. I was not supposed to be bright, brighter than the boys. A girl was considered, and perhaps is still considered, inferior to a boy,” shared Nancy.

By 15, Nancy was the only girl left in school, with the rest of her female schoolmates dropping education for marriage.

As the odds against her piled up, Nancy was, fortunately, supported by World Vision’s child sponsorship programme. Through child sponsorship, she was able to continue going to school. Fueled with renewed determination and with the valuable support from her sponsor, Georgie, Nancy defeated the odds and built the life she once dreamt of.

Now a humanitarian aid worker, Nancy is out to impact the lives of the vulnerable.

“Georgie, you see where your money went? This is what I did...this is what I have done.”

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Written By: 
World Vision Singapore