30 Hour Famine



Calling all youth age 13 and above! 30 Hour Famine 2024 is now open for registration!

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with
World Vision's annual youth event, 30-Hour Famine!
This year, brace yourself for an epic choose-your-own-adventure challenge that transports you into the heart of hunger-stricken lands ravaged by conflict and climate.


Are you ready to make a difference?
Sign up solo (we will team you up with 4 youth) or with a dynamic team of 5!


All proceeds from registration fees will go towards
World Vision’s Global Hunger Response.
Registration closes 3 May 2024



About 30 Hour Famine

30 Hour Famine is an annual youth event that World Vision Singapore has organised for over 20 years. Various editions of this event are held across the world in countries where World Vision works every year, and this collectively forms an international movement for youth to take a stand together against hunger and poverty.

In Singapore, 30 Hour Famine is a day camp that connects Singapore youth to the world through learning beyond the classroom. Through this camp, we bring to life global poverty issues that hinder children of similar age to the participants from having access to basic child rights like education, water, food security and nutrition. The youth event places an emphasis on experiential learning through interactive and educational challenges, so that youth may become more informed and empathetic advocates for vulnerable children. Participants from secondary schools to tertiary institutions in Singapore come together to fast from food for 30 hours while completing a series of interactive educational challenges, so that they may cultivate a deeper appreciation of the struggles of vulnerable children and families who have to go without food for much longer than 30 hours.

Watch the highlights of 30 Hour Famine 2023  held at Lazarus and Sentosa Island.



30 Hour Famine Experience

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