Children in the Cities


Improve Access To Basic Necessities
For Urban Poor Children

Behind the bustling city lights and in between skyscrapers live millions of urban poor children who are invisible in the eyes of society. Urban inequality and exclusion have resulted in an urban paradox. Some children who live in urban cities miss out and suffer more severe deprivations than their rural peers.



The Urban Paradox

Proximity to basic services ≠ Access to them

The higher living expenses in cities, coupled with social and political barriers, result in millions of urban poor children living in places and slums unfit for human habitation. These children also have inadequate access to proper nutrition, education and are subjected to violence and exploitation.

World Vision wants to enable urban poor children to be able to continue their education, acquire relevant skills and thrive in healthy and safe environments.




Life of an Urban Poor Child


Overcrowded living conditions in informal settlements with a lack of access to basic amenities like clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene facilities.


Difficulty staying in or keeping up in school due to poor home environments, limited learning resources, lack of family support, etc.


Due to high cost of living, families cannot afford to buy nutritious food. Higher food insecurity results in children being stunted and having poor health.


Child labour and trafficking – children as young as six or eight can be forced to work long hours in dangerous jobs to support the living expenses in cities.





Our Work In The Cities
To Help Urban Poor Children Thrive



Help Child Labourers Go Back to School
Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Help children withdraw from child labour and go back to school
  • Empower parents with livelihood options to support their children's education
  • Advocate against hazardous child labour with government & stakeholders




Provide Basics for Children in Slums
Mandaue, Philippines

  • Rehabilitate malnourished young children
  • Improve child literacy for them to keep up in school
  • Support alternative learning and job readiness for out-of-school youths





Improve Children's Health in Slums and Schools
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

  • Set up handwashing facilities in schools in need to reduce infectious diseases
  • Upgrade wastewater system for hygienic environment
  • Educate children, teachers, community on environment & personal hygiene




Support Children in Out-Of-Home Care in Singapore

  • Help children in out-of-home care with special learning needs access learning support programmes to keep up in school






Voices of Urban Poor Children

Watch this space for stories that bring you closer to the lives of urban poor children. Read more stories here.


Nuri, a 11 years old child labourer is found by the roadside, who lives on breaking bricks. She hardly earns BDT 60 each day, but yet, she dreams to go back to school. Read More


Life has not been easy for 14-year-old Nadine who has lived in a dumpsite all her life. She is not letting her circumstances hold her back. She is finding her way to her dreams through education. Read More


He was just a year old when his father died of kidney failure. Now both Sakib, 13, and his 17-year-old brother, Sohug, have dropped out of school to contribute to the family income. Read More



Your monthly giving can ensure that children can receive timely aid to help them thrive in the cities.


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