Terms & Conditions for One-Time and Recurring Donations

  1. As World Vision Singapore is a foreign charity registered with the Commissioner of Charities in Singapore, all donations made to World Vision Singapore will not be entitled to any tax exemption.
  2. If sufficient donations are received for a particular project, World Vision Singapore will channel any additional funds to other areas where the need is greatest. 
  3. For recurring donations, the charge will continue unless otherwise advised. As your contribution will be reflected in your credit card statement, World Vision will not be replicating this information with a receipt. Cessation of this transaction saves approximately $12,000 every year that is channelled towards helping needy children and communities break the cycle of poverty.
  4. A portion of all contributions to World Vision Singapore goes to administrative costs and public awareness programmes. Administrative costs include finance and accounting functions, information technology for better efficiency, postal services, telecommunication, human resources, legal services, risk management, fixed office overheads and public awareness programmes include marketing, creative services and publishing to draw attention to our poverty alleviation activities. Under the Charities Act, registered charities must not exceed 30% of all donations for administrative and marketing costs. World Vision Singapore’s stewardship mandate is that administrative and public awareness costs should not exceed 20% of donations received.