Syria Crisis Appeal

It has been ten years, but the world's largest humanitarian crisis in Syria shows no signs of ending. More than six million Syrians have been internally displaced and over 5.6 million people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

Since the conflict escalated in April 2019, more than 400,000 people in North-western Syria, including 150,000 children have fled their homes, many deeply distressed by what they have seen. Health centres and hospitals, schools and other basic infrastructure have been damaged and destroyed

With the spread of COVID19 worldwide, the children face even more suffering and upheaval. A pandemic of this scale would be catastrophic to settlement communities with no access to essential life-saving health services and where distancing from others is practically impossible. Children will be amongst the hardest hit, especially those with underlying health conditions. They will also face greater risk of malnutrition. For these children, the impact will be devastating.

Your donation can help improve their lives! 

$350: Essential medical supplies and equipment for health facilities

$250: Mental health first aid for children traumatized by war

$150: Medical attention for refugee infants and pregnant & lactating mums

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