Gift Notification

Your monthly sponsorship and prayers for your sponsored child are such a generous gift!

But what if you’d like to give a little extra so your child can enjoy a special surprise?

A Gift Notification goes above and beyond your regular donation to provide extra things that your sponsored child and their family need.

Our colleagues in the field will source for the gifts locally and deliver it to your sponsored child.


School Uniform


When you send a gift notification, our local staff will consult your sponsored child and their family to select things they need like school supplies, clothing, livestock or other items.


Common Gifts Purchased for Sponsored Children

(gift items and prices will vary according to the different communities)

  • Bicycle
  • Livestock (goat, sheep)
  • Needful items (school supplies, uniforms, clothes, groceries, household items)


Send a Gift Notification!


  • Each sponsored child can receive only one Gift Notification per year.
  • The minimum amount is USD$100 and the maximum USD$200.
  • A nominal administration fee of SGD$20 per Gift Notification will be applied to cover the costs of fund transfer.
  • No cash will be given directly to the child or family. The usual process is that our colleagues in the area will get in touch with the sponsored child's family and find out what are their needs at the moment before making the purchases for the family.
  • According to the new sponsorship standards set by World Vision International, 25% of your gift under USD$200 and all amounts in excess of USD$200 will also go towards benefiting the community as a whole, to promote a sense of fairness and progress together.
  • We will request for the amount to be donated in Singapore dollars. The exchange rate is updated annually.  
  • After the funds are processed on our side, the gifts will be purchased by our colleagues in the field and given to the family. They will then prepare a report of the gift with photos and mail it to you.

Sponsored children with gifts from their sponsors

Anar, 4, and her family are blessed by the heartwarming gifts from her sponsor.  

Dimpal, 7 and his family received a goat which will increase their household income. 

With a bicycle, Sokhouy, 12, can now reduce the time taken to travel to school.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the gifts decided and purchased?

  • With the GN funds, the World Vision team will reach out to your sponsored child and family to discuss the items to be purchased, based on their current needs. This empowers your sponsored child and family to decide how to maximise the GN funds they received. 

How will I know what my gift purchased?

  • You’ll receive a thank you letter from your sponsored child and a picture of what they have purchased, and how it is making a difference. Please allow at least 5 months to receive a response as we approach the year-end period.  

Why is there a minimum donation of USD$100?

  • Our field staff has requested this minimum. They found that a USD$100 minimum enables them to purchase meaningful, impactful gifts. We want to make the best use of your donation for your child, and we want to be good stewards of our field staff’s time and resources. It can take a considerable amount of time and fuel for our staff to travel to the (often remote) villages where many sponsored children live.

Why is a percentage of the gift notification shared with the community?

  • Since the best way to help a child, and to help all children thrive, is to strengthen their entire community, 25% of all gifts under US$200 and any amount over US$200 will go to help your child’s community. 

(Please note that gifts for the community may not be acknowledged in the thank-you letter you receive from your sponsored child. However, be assured that your gifts are being used wisely, and may be reflected in your annual Community Updates.)

How often can I give a gift?

  • We have been asked by our field colleagues to limit the number of gift notification given to an individual child to no more than 1 per year. The primary reason is to reduce jealousy in the community. It also takes considerable time for World Vision staff to process, which takes them away from caring for the well-being of all children in the community.

Are you currently not receiving gift notifications for specific area programmes?

  • We are temporarily not receiving gift notifications for the South Hebron area programme in the West Bank due to the current Middle East crisis. We seek your understanding and will inform sponsors on this page once gift notifications are able to resume. 

For Gift Notification enquiries, kindly contact

Send a Gift Notification (GN)

If you would like to send a GN, please fill up the form below (per sponsored child) and you will be led to the giving page directly after the form submission.

  • When we receive your GN request, our field staff will work with your sponsored child and family to purchase the gifts based on their current needs.   
  • Kindly be informed that each form submission is for one sponsored child only. If you would like to give a Gift Notification to multiple sponsored children, please contact us at so that we can assist you better.


  • Please allow at least 5 months to receive the Gift Notification (GN) report for GNs sent during the peak season (Sep 2023 - Jan 2024).  

Thank you for your understanding.]

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*The exchange rate for now is as follows: 1 USD = 1.33 SGD

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