Cambodia, Sambour AP

Cambodia, Sambour AP

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Impact Area Population: 22, 936 people
Programme Lifespan: 2021 to 2033
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Sambour, Cambodia, is located in Kratie province, northeast of the country. The majority of the population in Sambour rely on farming, but as the district is prone to high occurrences of floods and droughts, livelihoods are often affected when crops are destroyed as a result. Children also suffer from domestic violence, abuse and neglect due to the lack of awareness among parents. While attaining an education is also a challenge for children due to the community's location, poor school infrastructure and lack of quality education. 

Key Challenges: 
1. A lack of stable economic opportunities hinder the growth and development of families and the community 
2. Poor educational quality and infrastructures contribute to high rates of drop-out 
3. Limited access to nutrition knowledge and quality healthcare
Programme Goal: 

To sustain the well-being of children, provide them with quality health and educational opportunities as well as to improve the livelihood opportunities for parents to ensure the overall growth of the family and community.