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Bringing sustained hope and help to the poor, one child at a time


World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme tackles the root causes of poverty in the lives of children, families and their communities, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency.

For S$45 a month, you can provide a child basic needs in five areas: food security, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, education and economic development. Resources are pooled together for community projects that cover these needs.

Additionally, you will get to correspond with your sponsored child, and visit the community where your child lives and meet him/her face-to-face!

To get a clearer understanding of how Child Sponsorship actually works and helps the community, watch this video:


Have questions about child sponsorship? Read more at our FAQ here, or call us at 6922 0144.

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At World Vision, we envision a healthy, fulfilled childhood for the world’s most vulnerable girls and boys. Our aspirations for them are:

  • Good health
  • Educated for life
  • Experience love of God and their neighbours
  • Cared for, protected and engaged

Moreover, World Vision examined how to better focus on these aspirations in an operational manner, developing these four Child Well-being goals to strive towards:

1. Better Health for children

  • Children well-nourished
  • Children protected from disease
  • Children and caregivers access health service

2. Children are protected and participating

  • Children cared for
  • Children are registered at birth
  • Children are respected participants

3. Educating Children for Life

  • Children read, write and use numeracy skills
  • Adolescents ready for economic opportunity
  • Children access and complete basic education

4. Experience Love

  • Children enjoy positive relationships with peers and community members
  • Children care for environment
  • Children have hope for the future

This shift towards outcome over activity, such as monitoring literacy rates over the number of schools built, improves our accountability to communities and donors, who will be able to see how World Vision is contributing directly to children’s well-being. The improved statuses of children will indicate that all our efforts are integrating successfully.