Supporting the internally displaced in collective shelters in Syria

As the Syrian conflict moves through its twelfth year, it continues to be one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in modern times. Among the displaced, more than 40% are children, many of whom were born into war and conflict. Although the scale of acts of destruction, hostilities, and displacement has decreased, suffering has aggravated due to complications of the protracted crisis, the economic crises, the COVID-19 and cholera pandemics, and the disruption of many basic services.

Many internally displaced persons (IDP) households, especially those living in informal settlements like collective shelters, are unable to access any assistance. Collective shelters are often schools, unfinished or abandoned buildings, and other structures not suitable for accommodation. These are known as “last-resort sites” as living conditions are frequently poorer than the camps and people living there only have limited access to basic services.

World Vision aims to

  • Provide water tanks to 49 collective shelters to store drinking water safely and serve as a reserve in case of water trucking delays or disruptions to the water network.
  • Install a water pump in a water station to increase water access for 70,000 people, including 3 collective shelters and host community
  • Provide hygiene kits to IDP families living in 49 collective shelters
  • Construct block latrines in 39 collective shelters
  • Operate and maintain 2 mobile health clinics and equip them with medicines, consumables, and medical and non-medical equipment e.g. stethoscope, ultrasound, pediatric scale, desk, chair, foldable examination beds
  • Ensure malnutrition screening of pregnant and lactating women (PLWs) and children, and provide a specialist referral for moderate and severe acute malnutrition cases

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