Educate to Prevent Child Marriage in Afghanistan

Every year, over 4.5 million girls under the age of 15 are married. That is one girl every 7 seconds. World Vision believes that at least four million girls are at risk of child marriage in the next two years because of the coronavirus pandemic. Deepening poverty caused by the loss of livelihoods, exacerbated by COVID19, is likely to drive more families to marry off their daughters early in Afghanistan.

Schools protect girls. They provide a safe space where young girls can not only get educated but where teachers and adults can keep watch and identify signs of abuse and intervene if necessary. Sending girls to school leads to higher literacy and increased wages. It lowers the chance of child marriage, delays first births and helps mothers plan how many children to have, to control their household sizes. It has a ripple effect on not just the girls, but on their families and communities, for generations. Now, more than ever, we have to keep girls in school.

World Vision is committed to prevent and reduce early child marriage rates from rising in Afghanistan. Your donation will go a long way!


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