Small Act, Big Impact: Make Your Birthday Special

The memories that define childhood should be joyful. Make a small act that has a big impact!​​​

Because of our community-focused approach, for every child you sponsor, 4 more children benefit too.

Sponsor a child born in July and help them enjoy childhood as it's meant to be!



Boy | 4 years old | Nepal
Birthday: 21 July 2013
Waiting 20 months


Girl | 5 years old | Mongolia
Birthday: Birthday: 10 July 2012
Waiting 3 months


Girl | 5 years old | Cambodia
Birthday: 5 July, 2012
Waiting 6 months

*The children above will not be available if they have been taken up by other sponsors


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Celebrate your birthday by sharing goodwill! You can send gifts to children and families in communities, including that of your sponsored child! Give a boost to their ongoing development and progress. It's a fantastic way to share the joy in July!



*To send a gift to your sponsored child's community, select his/her country from the drop-down menu on the right