Saving Child Brides in India

Saving Child Brides

Chennai, India



India has over 15 million child brides, the highest prevalence in the world. Nationally, more than 40% of females are illiterate and unskilled, making them dependent and vulnerable. In Perumbakkam in Chennai, displaced communities who have been relocated forcefully from the various parts of city have lost their livelihoods – pushing these families under the poverty line.

World Vision’s programmes seek to empower them not just with confidence, but also with guidance and support. Similarly, elsewhere, in Faridkot in North India, girls who would otherwise become child brides are empowered too.


Learning self defence skills

Key challenges:

  • Negative social norms victimise girls, the harassment of females is normalised and they are treated as commodities
  • Lack of relevant skills and confidence of girls to battle discrimination and stigma
  • Mindset of community and parents that perceive girls as a burden
  • Lack of market access and business partnership opportunities that can create jobs

World Vision aims to:

  1. Empower young girls aged 14 – 20 to have opportunities to participate in decisions that affects their lives
    • Teach life skills: savings, career guidance, self-defence, female leadership skills
    • Formation of support groups
  2. Provide vocational and entrepreneurial skills in accounting, tailoring, IT, driving
    • Market research
    • Access to market partners like Uber
    • Purchase of two automobiles
    • Training on repair and maintenance of automobiles
  3. Partner with families and communities to provide safe and enabling environment for girls
    • Organise family enrichment programmes to foster healthy families (Celebrating Families module)
    • Reproductive health education, leadership, personality and skill development
    • Facilitate Girl Child Protection campaigns (Child Sexual Abuse, Female Foeticide & Child Marriage) for community participation

Target number of beneficiaries:

  • 100 most vulnerable girls aged 14 – 20 in Chennai, India
  • 1,000 community members