Global Youth Network

1. What is the Global Youth Network?

A network of Singaporean youths empowered to be the change they want to see in their communities and the communities which World Vision Singapore is supporting. The Network aims to:

  • Strengthen leadership and civic empowerment skills
  • Build a network of passionate youths who are actively advocating for the poor and their community development, and for humanitarian relief efforts
  • Create a platform for more youth-centric activities for World Vision, in collaboration with youth leaders across borders


2. Who should join the Global Youth Network?

Had a taste of Famine Camp or have been exposed to World Vision’s work, and would want to be more involved in helping needy children around the world? If you are 14 to 25 years old and passionate about our cause, we want you to join!


3. What happens at the Global Youth Network?

Youths in the Global Youth Network will meet to bond and share their experiences in World Vision and poverty alleviation or discuss personal initiatives they wish to undertake. This can be at a school level or independently organised by Global Youth Network members, with the guidance of World Vision staff. Seminars discussing topics like ‘Global Citizenship’, ‘Emergency Response’, ‘Peace Building’ and ‘Poverty & Hunger’ help youths grow as advocates. Mentors from various sectors will share their perspectives and broaden the youths’ critical thinking. Members will be kept updated on World Vision’s activities, volunteering opportunities, and upcoming community needs.


To Sign Up Please fill up this form to begin this journey of advocating for the poor with other youths. Drop us a mail at with the completed form. We want to get to know you better too!