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Indonesia | 13 - 18 October 2019

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Indonesia, Ende: From a Life of Fear to Courage

Ita* was a carefree 8-year-old until she was abused by her neighbour. She became withdrawn and fearful of adults, even refusing to play with her friends. Fortunately, World Vision came to know of her situation and worked together with the village chief, local police and health centre to bring the culprit to justice and help Ita recover psychologically through counselling.

There are many children like Ita who face abuse, even from parents and teachers in Ende, Indonesia.

Visit Ende with us and witness how World Vision is working to improve child protection in the area to safeguard children like Ita. Learn how through the support of child sponsorship, the lives of children and their communities are also improved for a better future!

* name changed to protect her identity


Yeat, 11, his parents and four siblings could barely survive on the income from rice production on the small field space they own. Two of Yeat's older siblings have stopped school to become labourers to support the family, and Yeat himself was forced to drop out of school, dashing his dreams to become a teacher.    

Yeat's life was transformed when he was sponsored under World Vision's Child Sponsorship Programme. He was so happy to be able to go back to school to live out his dreams.

"I have always been inspired by World Vision staff, now I dream to graduate university and be a teacher!"

World Vision has also provided basic necessities like easier access to clean water and proper sanitation hygiene lessons, so children do not fall sick as often as they used to.

However, there is still more to be done to ensure that families like Yeat's will be empowered with skills to live a hopeful and bright future. Many children in Cambodia still suffer from hunger and poverty, deprived of opportunities to live out their dreams. Come meet them and share your love to these children!


Estimated Trip Cost: S$720-  (Flights Excluded)
Min. 10 pax to go

Day 1: Depart from Singapore to Ende, Indonesia

Day 2 to 5: 

  • Attend a child forum session and witness how child rights are advocated for in the community
  • Visit a community health centre to learn how they are run and support weighing of babies
  • Hear from the locals as they struggle with a lack of clean water and learn how new water facilities are improving their lives
  • Discover how malnutrition affects the children and participate in initiatives to help them such as home gardening
  • Spend time with sponsored children and vulnerable families
  • Sunrise hike to Kelimutu Crater Lake

Day 6: Flight back to Singapore


If you would like to join us, please sign up before 30 July 2019. Details will follow after your registration. Please note that registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. A minimum of 10 registrants are required for this trip to take place.

A pre-trip briefing will be held on 12 September 2019, Thursday, at 7:00PM at our office (10 Tannery Lane, #06-01/02, Singapore 347773).

If you are unable to make it for the trip, you may consider sending a care-of gift. To reserve a space, please register via the web-form below.

Important Notice 

To register for the trip and make a payment, you will need to log in to your digital account. The password for all donor accounts have been reset.

If you are an existing donor but logging in on this new site for the first time, please request for a new password using your email address here. If you do not have an account / partner number, please create a new account. Thank you!

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