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Even in the world's most difficult places, every child is precious and brimming with potential. This holiday season, just one act of kindness can light up a child's life with hope. Volunteer with us and lend us your voice! 


Volunteering Roles

  • World Vision Advocate
  • Christmas Carolling (Parkway Parade)
  • Gift Wrapper (Parkway Parade & NEX)
  • Share Your Talent and Ideas


World Vision Advocate

Are you a supporter with a heart to spread the impact of Child Sponsorship? Want to share how your sponsorship journey has impacted your personal life? Then join us and be our advocate to spread the word!


Help World Vision by sharing about our causes to shoppers at shopping malls and encourage potential sponsors to consider supporting our work. (It is a bonus if you are a current child sponsor and are able to share your personal conviction and stories about your journey as a sponsor!)

Commitment Level:

At least one 3-hour slot (12pm - 3pm / 3pm - 6pm / 5pm - 8pm)

*Training will be provided


Christmas Carolling

Bring Christmas cheer to shoppers by being part of our carolling entourage! Sign up as a group with minimum of 5 carollers/musicians.

Role: Caroller

Be able to hold a tune and love to sing!

Role: Musician (Keyboard/Guitarist)

Be able to play simple carolling songs (musical instruments will be provided, if needed).

Commitment Level:

NEX: Any 1 hour session from 11am - 9pm on 30 Nov

Parkway Parade: 1 hour session (3.30pm - 4.30pm) on 14 - 15 Dec, 20 - 25 Dec


Gift Wrapper

If you have a knack for gift wrapping and would like to share your talent, spread the Christmas spirit and do good, then come on down to help us with our gift wrapping services exclusively at Parkway Parade!


Be able to successfully wrap a gift, including oddly-shaped items too!

Commitment Level:

Parkway Parade: 3 hours/day (12pm - 3pm / 3pm - 6pm / 5pm - 8pm) from 18 Nov - 29 Dec 2019


Share Your Talent and Ideas

If you have a talent (e.g. handicraft, face painting, storytelling) and love engaging children, we invite you to organise a workshop at one of our malls. Share your idea with us in the comments section in the form below, and we will get in touch with you!



 Jem  16 Nov – 24 Nov
Parkway Parade 18 Nov – 29 Dec
NEX 25 Nov - 1 Dec
ION Orchard 9 Dec – 22 Dec


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Saturday, 16 November 2019 - 10:00am


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