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Youth For Change Conference: Kids Next Door

Youth For Change Conference: Kids Next Door

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Just next door, our peers are living in unimaginable conditions. Children and youth in neighbouring cities struggle with the "urban paradox". Proximity to services and necessities is not equivalent to access, and the urban poor remain excluded from the benefits of urbanisation, suffering more severe deprivations than their rural peers. 

At this year's Youth For Change Conference, World Vision has teamed up with Youth Corps Singapore (Youth Expedition Project), to bring a unique virtual initiative for us to get to know our peers next door and empower them to have a better chance at life. From 21-23 December, get up close and personal with World Vision's urban programming experts, deep dive into how COVID-19 has shaped development work, forge friendships with youth from the Philippines and Vietnam, and hack solutions to real challenges as part of your YEP-GO projects!

World Vision is calling all youth who desire to be change agents in making poverty history!

We work with schools, organisations and youth to raise global leaders who are aware of issues related to poverty and humanitarianism worldwide, and want to be empowered to make a difference in the world. If you believe that your generation can bring about change, we invite you to join us in our fight against poverty and injustice. For a start, you can read some of our youth blog posts here!

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