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Youth For Change Conference 2019 - Social Innovators' Edition

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Stay up to date with the latest details on the conference programme and our guest speakers at www.worldvision.org.sg/yfcc!


Join an international community of cause-driven young minds in Cebu City, the Philippines this December. Discover what it takes to collaborate across different fields and sectors to create innovative solutions that can mitigate and eliminate the most difficult struggles faced by vulnerable communities in your society and around the world.


To sign up for the Budding Innovators track, please complete the online registration process below.


To sign up for the Solution Designers track, please contact us at youth@worldvision.org.sg to receive instructions on how to prepare an introductory brief for your prototype and how to register for a place at the conference.


Questions? Please drop us a line at (+65) 6922 0136, or email youth@worldvision.org.sg.


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14 Dec 2019 -
11:00am to 2:00pm
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