What were you fond of growing up?

Ever wished you had a mentor, or someone who journeyed alongside you to pursue your interests?

Imagine if you could make a difference in just one child's life. Better still, what if that child looked just like you, or had similar interests as you? 

Introducing: Child Like Me

Child Like Me is sponsorship made more fun! Connect with a child who looks like you AND shares your similar interests.​ Share in the joys and possibilities of life – from having a first sip of clean water, to having a first day at school – all that made possible, to help your special child fulfil his/her dreams! 


How does it work?

1. Upload an existing photo of yourself or take a selfie.


Choose a photo that best represents you! It'd be best if it is an individual photo of yourself that is clear and bright enough. You may choose to reupload another photo if needed.
2. Select your interest(s)


From Arts & Crafts, to Languages & Reading, or Sports, you may also select up to 2 interests that will allow us to better match you with a child! You will be shown 2 mini me(s) from our database, 1 boy and 1 girl. with the closest match to you. Both children are eagerly waiting for a sponsor!
3. Find your mini-me!


You will be shown 2 mini me(s), 1 boy and 1 girl from our database, with the closest match* to you. You may choose either of the children, both of whom are eagerly waiting for a sponsor!
*Maximum of 3 matching tries
4. Share the joy of Child Sponsorship


Kickstart your journey by sponsoring your mini-me!
Alternatively, you may choose to share the matched results of your mini-me on your social media, and help spread the word on the power of Child Sponsorship!


Try it now!


Kenneth's Testimonial

“I did notice that there was indeed a resemblance between me and the child! We were less than 10 years in age apart, and we even shared the same birth month! My heartstrings were tugged...” shared Kenneth Tan, a World Vision sponsor through Child Like Me.

Trapped in the shackles of poverty, about 356 million children live in poverty and, more often than not, are robbed of life's opportunities having to sacrifice education, childhood curiosity and joy for labour, harsh realities of the world and fear.

Yet, among these millions, there might just be a child out there that looks like you, or shares similar interests as you – one with hopes to escape poverty and dreams for a brighter future, just as you had, and just as Kenneth came to discover.

“I hope my sponsored child would know that he is loved and that there is someone who really cares about him to sponsor him.”

Read about Kenneth's unexpected match here:

Kenneth's story


Child Like Me is sponsorship made more fun!



Poverty is an extremely complex issue that can become a vicious cycle, leaving those affected feeling hopeless. Child Sponsorship adopts a holistic approach, where we maximise your monthly contribution of $45 to provide your sponsored child and his/her community access to basic needs in five main areas:



 Families and communities are empowered to protect children from abuse and injustices through education and the establishment of support systems.



 With access to quality education and a conducive learning environment, children are empowered and equipped to build a brighter future.



 Families are equipped to attain food security and are educated on children’s nutritional needs to ensure their proper growth and development.



Families and communities are equipped to develop skills for sustainable livelihood opportunities, which instils hope and aspirations for the future.



Access to clean water protects children from avoidable diseases, while sanitation practices eliminate preventable diseases and reduce child mortality rates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Child Like Me is designed specially for sponsors who cannot decide on a child to sponsor.  You (the sponsor) can have your photo uploaded on our website and our facial recognition technology will find 2 children (1 boy and 1 girl) that looks best like you from our pool of database of children waiting to be sponsored.

Our facial recognition technology will find the child with the closest match from our pool of database, to the photo you’ve uploaded. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can try again with another photo. You have a total of 3 tries. 

Try to upload a good quality (not too bright/dark, clear image), individual, forward facing photo of yourself. E.g. passport style photos. The system will not be able to detect and proceed if a photo with multiple faces has been uploaded. 

We use face recognition technology from Microsoft to generate a facial recognition map of the photo you have uploaded. The facial recognition system from Microsoft Azure consist of a trusted data protection act. Learn more about how we use face recognition technology here

Your photo(s) will be stored in the Microsoft Azure server for a maximum of the duration of our Child Like Me campaign period (approximately 3 months and deleted after. Learn more about Microsoft’s data protection policy and controls here

The scenes of heartbreak, chaos and ruin from conflict are gut-wrenching. It’s hard not to feel hopeless and helpless in the face of it. But, child sponsors around the world bring hope into some of humanity’s darkest hours – even when they don’t realise it. Here’s how. 

Once a child enrolled in World Vision’s child sponsorship programme in Romania, 21-year-old Andreea is now giving back as a volunteer for World Vision where she is helping to give comfort and support to refugee children as they flee Ukraine.

Around 62 families from Antique, Philippines are taking their first step towards a better life after participating in World Vision's Home-based Livelihood Support programme.