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World Vision Music Advocates Programme

Join the Music Advocates Programme

World Vision embarks on its second run of the Music Advocates Programme!


  • Be equipped as a music advocate
  • Connect with musically-talented vulnerable children in the picturesque islands of Philippines
  • Campaign to end injustice and poverty worldwide
Calling all bands and worship teams!
Does your heart hurt when you see children suffer?
Do you want to love the poor and needy the way Jesus did?
Is your band restlessly looking for an inspiring cause to adopt?


  • Be empowered to advocate with your band/team
  • Connect with musically-talented vulnerable children in the picturesque islands of Philippines
  • Campaign to end injustice and poverty worldwide through a fundraising concert

Successful candidates will be enlisted into World Vision’s Music Advocates Alliance, and you will get privy into World Vision’s local events and overseas projects, where you can ignite social change in Singapore, your circles and aboard with your musical talents.

Calling all media professionals!
Do you want to give voice to the vulnerable through your skills?
You might be a videographer, photographer, social media expert, artist manager,
public relations guru, audiovisual technician,
graphic designer or writer. We want you!


  • Be uniquely engaged based on your skill for the cause
  • Connect with vulnerable children in the picturesque islands of Philippines
  • Campaign to end injustice and poverty worldwide

  • Equip:
    • Musician Track: 1 day workshop & 6 Sunday afternoons (3rd Sunday of each month, 2-6PM)
    • Media Track: 1 day workshop & 4 Sunday afternoons (3rd Sunday of each month, 4-6PM)
  • Immerse: 6 day immersion programme in the frontlines of World Vision’s poverty-alleviation efforts in Philippines*
  • Ignite: 1 fundraising/awareness campaign in Singapore

To register, please complete the relevant application forms and email Karen Xin at before 15 September 2017. If shortlisted, you will be contacted for an audition or a phone interview.
a. Music Advocate Application Form
b. Media Advocate Application Form

*Please note that this is a self-funded volunteer programme

Music Advocates Programme’s First-Run

Early 2016, youths from all around Singapore responded to World Vision’s call for humanitarian minded youths, who have a talent for music.

United by a love for music and a desire to use their musical gifts for a greater cause, they banded together to form Musicatalyst, a name that distills the essence of their band, catalyzing social change through music. Through music advocacy, their mission to mobilise others to enable vulnerable children globally to experience fullness of life took flight.

Music Advocates Boot Camp

Launched in July 2016 after a series of auditions and interviews, the handpicked Musicatalyst jumpstarted their journey in a Music Advocates boot camp. The day long intensive session grew their knowledge on poverty, development and the Street Children Transformation Project (SCTP) in Phnom Penh, their adopted cause. They were also equipped with fundraising tools like social media marketing, fundraising basics and essentials of concert organisation.

Street Children Music Engagement

A music mentorship session, basic khmer class and a trip to Phnom Penh, where they conducted a four-hour music engagement programme with street children rounded up their journey as empowered and inspired music advocates.

The Musicatalyst left Phnom Penh charged up to raise funds for SCTP, a world vision project which empowers street children to break out of the poverty cycle and leave the street life.

Watch this highlights video on the Street Children Music Engagement (SCME) Programme conducted by the Musicatalyst for street children in Phnom Penh:


Joined by World Vision Ambassadors Jack and Rai as well as Music influencers from different walks of life such as Jean Tan, Wei Chiang and Spydermonkeys, they shook the hearts of more than 200 supporters at Hood bar and Caféfor the cause raising a total of more than $6,000 for the project.

Post-Jambodia concert, Jack and Rai took Musicatalyst under their wing in a mentorship session to refine their original songs. The Musicatalyst will be recording their originals and uploading them on iTunes
to raise funds for the Street Children Transformation Project.

Race for Relief

While the Musicatalyst has primarily been advocating for the Street Children Transformation Project in Phnom Penh, the band also finds immense value in raising awareness, through the universal language of music,
for other pertinent causes such as the hunger crisis that currently plagues more than 20 million people in East Africa.

At World Vision’s 2017 Race for Relief, the Musicatalyst performed a variety of inspirational songs – both originals and covers – for participants of the race. Some of the songs the band covered included
Jessie J’s Pricetag and Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, while the originals included Am I Worthy written by band member Soh Peiwen, and Love’s Key written by band member Ashley Tan. The band also had the privilege of performing alongside multi-talented artiste and World Vision ambassador Belinda Lee, and national runner Mok Ying Rong on stage during the warm-up session. World Vision Ambassadors Jack and Rai also brought the house down with well-loved tunes after the race.


World Vision’s Street Children Transformation Project

The World Vision Street Children Transformation Project in Phnom Penh began 15 years ago in response to the great need which emerged following the Khmer Rouge years that left many children impoverished, orphaned, abandoned or separated from their families.

World Vision faces the challenge of breaking the vicious cycle of generations living on the streets. Through night time education programmes for both parents and children, the project aims to transform mind sets and encourage the children to dream big. The project also provide support for families to be re-integrated into the villages near Phnom Penh or to secure jobs and housing in Phnom Penh. By strengthening the ecosystem of support, sustainable change has been made. Together with other organisations working in Phnom Penh, the number of street children has been halved over the past 15 years.

Watch how World Vision impacted Kanika’s life:


World Vision Music Advocates Pioneering Group: Musicatalyst

We are a group of youths united through our shared passion in music, to advocate for the Street Children Transformation Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our vision is for every street child in Phnom Penh to gain access to resources that allow them to dream, because no dream should ever be too big for a child.

In December 2016, we visited Phnom Penh to conduct a music outreach workshop with a group about 30 street children. This experience proved to us that music is a universal language of love. Understanding the sustained work World Vision has done to transform their lives has also touched us profoundly.

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