Philippines, Bohol ADP

Philippines, Bohol ADP

Project ID: 
Impact Area Population: 54,142 people
Programme Lifespan: 2001 – 2018
Children available for sponsorship
(as of Nov 2015):
For more information on the community and World Vision’s interventions, download the detailed ADP profile (in PDF).

Bohol ADP is in its second phase, which will now end in 2018. World Vision extended the period of support as the community was affected by the 7.2-magnitude Bohol earthquake in 2013. The ADP seeks to alleviate the poverty of around 24 barangays (villages) through a communitybased system of management. It will implement strategies to increase household incomes, provide better schools and health facilities, help the vulnerable own their own homes and build economic independence among people.

In this mainly rural part of the Philippines, agriculture is the main economic activity but the work is hard and returns are poor. In the city, the employment situation is also poor as jobs are low paying and scarce.

Because of the impoverished conditions in the community, 31% of families are unable to provide for the basic needs of all their children, including food, education, health and medical needs.

Key Challenges: 
1. Limited employment opportunities and low agriculture productivity due to lack of knowledge
2. Lack of capacity of local institutions to address critical issues
3. Families live in informal settlements and face a constant threat of eviction
4. Limited protection services for children, and a lack of skilled service providers and facilities for abused children
5. Health centres have insufficient facilities, poor access to clean water and sanitation facilities
6. Poor quality of education, limited school facilities and learning materials
Programme Goal: 

To improve the quality of life of children, families and communities in the target areas.