Myanmar, Hpa-An ADP

Myanmar, Hpa-An ADP

Project ID: 
Impact Area Population: 23,938 people
Programme Lifespan: 2002 to 2018
Children Available for Sponsorship
(as of Jun 2017):
For more information on the community and World Vision’s interventions, download the detailed ADP profile (in PDF).

World Vision began work in Myanmar in 1997, along the Thailand border. The focus was on people with HIV/AIDS. Due to the mobile nature of the population who often crossed over the border in search of work, joint projects were conducted with World Vision Thailand. They focused on education and prevention and care strategies for HIV/AIDS related issues and the work eventually expanded to cover the entire border between the two countries. Out of this work came a realisation of the needs and vulnerabilities of children and young people that require different interventions. Hpa-An ADP started in 2002 to address these challenges.

About one in three people in Myanmar live below the poverty line. Though much of the land in Hpa-An ADP is fertile, agricultural productivity, the main economic activity of the area, remains poor due to a lack of proper resources.

Health facilities lack basic equipment, supplies and qualified health staff. As a result, children and mothers in such areas have worse health and survival outcomes.

In terms of education, only 36% of children aged three to five years old currently attend early childhood education centres in Hpa-An. Traditionally, young children are brought up by their parents or relatives, who have little knowledge on how to effectively stimulate intellectual or emotional development in young children.

Key Challenges: 
1. High unemployment due to lack of job opportunities in the township
2. Limited educational opportunities due to shortage of schools and teachers at village level
3. Existing health facilities are difficult to access due to inadequate transportation
4. Children are bullied and are vulnerable to degrading treatments
Programme Goal: 

Sustain the well-being of children in families and communities in Hpa-An township, to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable children.