Mongolia, Uvurkhangai ADP

Mongolia, Uvurkhangai ADP

Project ID: 
Impact Area Population: 45,057 people
Programme Lifespan: 2002 – 2019
Children Available for Sponsorship
(as of Sep 2017):
For more information on the community and World Vision’s interventions, download the detailed ADP profile (in PDF).

In Uvurkhangai, almost 40% live under the poverty line. A key challenge in the community is securing employment. Mongolia’s economic transition has led to many people losing their jobs in former state-owned enterprises. They lack the education and skills required by modern private industries, making it difficult for them to find new work. World Vision began an ADP in Uvurkhangai in 2002 to contribute to national efforts to alleviate the poverty of households and ensure the well-being of children, who are always the most vulnerable.

Additionally, poverty has resulted in physical ailments among adults and infectious diseases among children. Diseases like anemia, rickets and malnourishment are above the state average in Uvurkhangai province, and infant mortality rate is high. 

There is a shortage of schools, especially kindergartens, which contributes to poor school attendance. The inability of families to pay fees and buy supplies for their children further exacerbates this issue, causing the school dropout rate in this province to be the highest in the country.

Key Challenges: 
1. Poor food security as farmers are affected by low productivity and workers by job insecurity
2. Poor knowledge on child protection with high incidence of child abuse and domestic violence
3. High mother and child mortality rates due to poor health services and weak knowledge of nutrition and self-care
4. Poor household resilience as herders are affected by frequent natural disasters
5. Low capacity of kindergartens, poor infrastructure of schools and lack of quality teachers
Programme Goal: 

To secure child and family well-being in economically strengthened communities, with good access to education and health services