Laos, Xieng Ngeun ADP

Laos, Xieng Ngeun ADP

Project ID: 
Impact Area Population: 10,967 people
Programme Lifespan: 2003 – 2017
Children Available for Sponsorship
(as of Nov 2015):
For more information on the community and World Vision’s intervention, download detailed project/ADP profile (in PDF).

Xieng Ngeun ADP consists of the poorest communities in a country that is economically underdeveloped. A number of small community development projects in the area over the years have made some inroads into improvements in health, education, water, sanitation and alternative farming techniques to increase income. As there is national interest in developing the very poorest areas, World Vision is able to work with many local partners to alleviate the living conditions of the people in a sustainable manner.

The average income per household per year is about US$300, about 28% below the Laotian poverty line.  Arable land is scarce and the majority of the population depend on farming their own land to support themselves.

While there is better access to clean water in recent years, health and sanitation issues persist due to a lack of access to health centres, lack of information and unhygienic personal habits.

In terms of education, only 60.2% of children aged 5-18 years old are enrolled in formal education. Secondary schools are too far away from villages and poor children lack opportunities to travel.

Key Challenges: 
1. Crop failure, food insecurity and high occurrence of livestock disease and death
2. Poor quality of health services and poor sanitation leading to high incidence of communicable diseases
3. Limited capacity of local leaders to effect change
4. Poor condition of school facilities and limited teaching skills of teachers
Programme Goal: 

Children, their families and the community are able to provide for their sustainable well-being