India, Dhemaji ADP

India, Dhemaji ADP

Project ID: 
Impact Area Population: 40,414 people
Programme Lifespan: 1996 to 2017
Children Available for Sponsorship
(as of Nov 2015):
For more information on the community and World Vision’s intervention, download detailed project/ADP profile (in PDF).

World Vision was involved in flood relief operations in Assam, India, in 1993-94. It was realised that the dire needs of the local people had to be addressed and in 1996, work began to bring transformational development to this remote part of India. The target area is the Sissiborgaon Development Block in the district of Dhemaji, and more specifically, the Sisi Tongani Tribal Block, which is the poorest and worst flood-affected part of the district.

The main economic activities in the area are cultivation of rice and cash crops, rearing of animals and fishing. Every year, Dhemaji experiences flooding as the Brahmaputra River overflows due to snowmelt from the mountains in the north. For the communities who live on its banks, this compounds their already impoverished conditions and the situation deteriorates from year to year.

In terms of education, the literacy rate of around 30% is much lower than the state average of about 66%.

In addition, the poor health status of the people is another factor that hinders their progress in development.

Key Challenges: 
1. Lack of innovation and alternative livelihood practices
2. Lack of proper educational institutions and awareness of the importance of education
3. Lack of leadership capacity among the community leaders
4. Frequent flooding and subsequent water logging affects livelihood potential
Programme Goal: 

To empower communities to pursue sustainable livelihoods so as to secure the well-being of their children.