China, Yangxian AP

China, Yangxian AP

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Impact Area Population: 445,000 people
Programme Lifespan: 2008 to 2027
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In Yangxian, the majority of villagers are Han whose livelihoods rely on agriculture. Many children lack parental care as their parents have to work in cities. It is one of the officially designated counties under China’s national poverty alleviation plan. 

Key Challenges: 
1. Lack of proper safety and care for children left behind in an area that is prone to landslides and forest fires  
2. Inadequate access to quality education 
3. Limited access to nutrition knowledge and quality healthcare
Programme Goal: 

To sustain the well-being of children, provide them with quality health and educational opportunities as well as to improve the livelihood opportunities for parents to ensure the overall growth of the family and community.