Disaster Response Fund

The Disaster Response Fund enables World Vision to respond swiftly and effectively (within 72 hours of a disaster) to reduce the impact of humanitarian emergencies through funding critical emergency work and disaster preparation and management.

World Vision responds to:

  • Natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and droughts
  • Man-made disasters such as conflicts and war
  • Complex humanitarian emergencies caused by political, social and economic factors
  • Chronic ongoing emergencies where quality of life is affected over a period of time

The Fund goes to food and relief supplies during disasters, and projects which alleviate suffering and rebuild communities. Additionally, mitigation and preparedness programmes empower communities to anticipate possible future crises.

Preparation requires community training and pre-positioned emergency supplies in warehouses strategically-located worldwide. This enables our swift response within 72 hours of the disaster, complete with expertise in crisis management and emergency logistics. Moreover, World Vision often remains to help rebuild communities, which marks our commitment for all disaster relief efforts.

How you can help

Recent disasters—Aid is most urgently needed in these areas now.

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Disaster Response Fund—Contribute to our relief efforts in disaster-stricken areas today and in preparation for the future

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