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World Vision aids countries to meet Millennium Development Goal 4 – reducing child mortality by two-thirds – and Goal 5 – improving maternal health.

We partner with local communities and authorities in the development of stable health systems and proper education.

World Vision also strives to ensure children have a fighting chance in life. If nutrition is improved from the womb, children can better develop their immunity to diseases. For example, more than 10 million lives have been saved through measles vaccines since 2000.*

Our global Child Health Now campaign is focused on reducing deaths of children under five, through advocacy efforts to convince governments in all nations to improve healthcare in the poorest countries.

*United Nations, 2013, http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/childhealth.shtml


World Vision believes that through values-based prevention training and community-based care, we can help turn the tide on HIV/AIDS, and restore lives and families.

For sponsored children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS-related causes, World Vision provides education, healthcare, shelter, and other urgent basic needs. Older orphans, usually the families’ breadwinners, are given vocational training.

In addition, World Vision trains volunteer caregivers to provide continuous monitoring of well-being, protection against abuse and neglect, and psychosocial support.

In Singapore, World Vision launched the One Life Fund, an educational bursary scheme that will benefit local children and youth who are living with HIV/AIDS, or those whose parents are afflicted with the disease.

How you can help?

You can play an important role in helping World Vision to improve maternal and child health in the poor and developing communities we are supporting.

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