Our Response

Improving people’s income is at the heart of World Vision’s economic development projects, because it is fundamental to eliminating poverty.

World Vision builds the capacity of communities to solve problems by investing in the entrepreneurial spirit of the people through microfinance, enterprise and market development, and economic recovery.

In our various ADPs, World Vision initiates and manages community savings groups, provides initial capital to the poorest households for business start-ups, coordinates training for farmers to employ marketing tactics, and more.

For example, in an agriculture-dependent community in south-east Myanmar, they must find other sources of income during the dry season. World Vision helped this community by supporting traditional weaving and basket-making, among other initiatives.

How you can help?

You can play an important role in helping World Vision boost the economic conditions of poor and developing communities we are supporting. Being equipped with livelihood skills through training and provision of resources, among other programmes, will greatly help them to stand on their own two feet financially.

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