Response to Disasters in 2015

In FY2015, World Vision Singapore provided support to children and families affected by the Nepal Earthquake, Syria Crisis and Typhoon Hagupit. World Vision’s global response in these three disasters reached a total of 2,066,306 people who received much-needed help.

For a detailed update on the responses for each of these disasters, please click here.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal EarthquakeOn 25 April 2015, Nepal’s deadliest disaster, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, hit. Just 17 days later, the country was slammed by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Over 8 million people were affected, more than 8,000 people died and at least 950,000 children were in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

In response to their needs, World Vision declared a Global Response on 26 April. As at the end of FY15, 211,586 people have received life-saving help.

Syria Crisis

Syria Crisis

Since the start of the crisis in 2011 to the end of 2015, World Vision has reached approximately 2.37 million people with child-focused interventions. We are also scaling up government-level advocacy to strengthen the impact of relief and rehabilitation initiatives.

Our efforts have provided children and families with emergency relief items, food security, water and sanitation, child protection, education, health and more.

Typhoon Hagupit

Typhoon HagupitIn December 2014, barely a year after Typhoon Haiyan swept across the Philippines, Typhoon Hagupit struck. It triggered winds of up to 100km/h. About 1 million people were affected and moved to evacuation centres, while the storm claimed the lives of more than 20 people and destroyed around 80% of homes along some coastal areas (UN, 2014).

Distributions of essential items commenced immediately after the typhoon hit and World Vision was able to reach 7,457 families with essential items. On the whole, 37,285 people were helped with the distribution of water purification kits, food kits, kitchen items, shelter kits and hygiene kits.