Disaster & Emergencies

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World Vision’s Response

Once a disaster strikes, World Vision’s Global Rapid Response Team arrives at the scene within 72 hours, bringing pre-stocked emergency supplies. Short-term needs are quickly met, even as World Vision plans for long-term rehabilitation for those affected.

World Vision ensures communities’ readiness for disasters in these ways:

Stockpile of Relief Supplies

Strategically-located disaster response warehouses are pre-stocked with essentials like tarpaulins, household kits and emergency food supplies, allowing swift deployment by World Vision’s Global Prepositioning Resource Network (GPRN) to send aid without delay.


Disaster response teams work with communities on disaster preparedness, including risk recognition, evacuations and early warning systems, monitoring signals from both natural and man-made threats, to anticipate and reduce the impact of an emergency.

Emergency Staff

World Vision unites international disaster experts worldwide, who are deployed within hours of a catastrophe to bring expertise and equipment to affected areas.

Emergency Funds

The Disaster Response Fund makes short-term funding available until government grants and public appeals become available.

For large-scale responses, World Vision will work with other NGOs to maximise efficiency and ensure that there are no gaps in the overall humanitarian response.

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How you can help?

By giving to the Disaster Response Fund, you can ensure that critical aid will be delivered to disaster victims within 72 hours, and that their immediate needs can be met promptly and swiftly.

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